Our Core Values


At Truth4life Radio, we celebrate God’s goodness with joy. We find joy in our journey and we are excited about what God is doing through us. For that reason, we have fun and make no apologies for it. The joy of the Lord is indeed our source of strength. It binds us together and keeps us going.

We are committed to operating with the highest degree of professionalism, endeavouring to be the standard-bearers in the Christian media industry. We are proud to say that Truth4life Radio is safe for the whole family. Every aspect of the content broadcast or published on Truth4life Radio is subject to intricate systems of screening and scrutiny to ensure our content meets the highest standards. We are accountable, reliable, honest, trustworthy, devoted, and truthful, aspiring to live in a manner consistent with the Bible, which is the foundation of our values and purpose. Just as our name “Truth4Life” suggests, we seek to always stand for what is right. Ours is nothing but being the best for God.

We serve and encourage believers in Christ and all men in understanding their God-given purpose in life. Through prayer, humility, and our compassion for all, we help others in discovering the ultimate form of hope and forgiveness found only in Jesus Christ. We are therefore compelled to pursue a devotion to service to God and man.

Truth4life Radio is an inter-denominational media ministry established for the sole purpose of taking the Good News to the world. We are an extension of the Body of Christ, providing a mouthpiece for communication, as well as providing a means by which various parts of the body can connect with each other, focusing on shared beliefs, rather than differences.

We view our work as a service to God and humanity, and as such we work with a spirit and attitude of voluntary and selfless dedication to the tasks assigned to us. We encourage the Truth4life Radio family to take ownership of their roles and see their efforts as working towards the fulfilment of their own dreams and purpose.